TibiaMonsters application introduction

The TibiaMonsters application allows you to check the recently killed monsters in Tibia game.
With the application you are able to check if there is a possibility to meet a specific monster.

Features and innovative solutions:
* notifications about latest update
* many monsters categories:

  • POI Bosses
  • Profitable Bosses
  • Weak Bosses
  • Oberon Bosses
  • Gold Bosses
  • Ferumbras Bosses
  • Grave Danger Bosses
  • Cobra Bosses
  • Warzones Bosses
  • Library Monsters
  • Asuras Monsters
  • Falcon Monsters
  • Dream Court Spawn
  • Skeletons Spawn
  • Carnivoras Spawn
  • Roshamuul Spawn
  • Issavi Monsters

TibiaMonsters is intended for every Tibia player.
The application is ad-free!
Currently TibiaMonsters supporting few languages:
English, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish.

Download from Google Play

If you have any idea which you would like to see in an application, feel free to share.