Update 1.0.15

Added new 4 worlds:
Optional PvP: Karna, Optera and Reinobra
Retro Open PvP: Mudabra

  • Rascanoon Monsters
  • Pirate Tail Bosses
  • World Changes:
    Demon Wars,
    Horse Station,
    Swamp Fever,
    Twisted Waters,
    Insectoid Invasion,
    The Mummy’s Curse,
    Their Master’s Voice,
    The Mage’s Tower,
    The Fire-Feathered Serpent

  • Mini World Changes:
    Fire from the Earth,
    Bank Robbery,
    Devovorga’s Essence,
    Poacher Caves,
    Spider Nest,

    If you have any ideas which I could implement into application please contact via e-mail or discord: https://discord.gg/JbhjE6Vy

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