Update 1.0.4 – Summer

New categories added to hunting monsters:

  • The Lion Order
  • Goshnar’s Lairs
  • Werectratures (updated with few summer creatures)

New categories added to quest bosses:

  • The Lion Order
  • Soul War (Goshnar)
  • Bosses Werectratures Bosses (updated with few summer creatures)

New two worlds:

  • Ragna (UE)
  • Libertabra (SA)

Good luck, have fun!
Best, TibiaMonsters

Update 1.0.3 changes

Hello everyone! o/
In update 1.0.3 we will see:

1. Many monsters sorted by type/categories.

Raid Bosses – 42 monsters
Quest Bosses – 105 monsters
Hunting Monsters – 169 monsters

Raid Bosses

  • Poi Bosses
  • Vampire Bosses
  • Bestiary & Taming
  • Profitable & Rares
  • Roshamuul Bosses
  • World Bosses

Hunting Monsters

  • The New Lost Souls
  • Issavi Monsters
  • Cobra Monsters
  • The New Spectres
  • Carnivoras
  • Dream Court
  • Library
  • Deeplings Monsters
  • Asuras
  • Falcon Monsters
  • Skeletons
  • Warzones Monsters
  • Were Creatures
  • Cults Of Tibia
  • Feyrist Monsters
  • Heart of Destruction
  • Ferumbras Monsters
  • Oramond Monsters
  • Roshamuul
  • Other Monsters

Quest Bosses

  • Feaster Of Souls
  • Issavi Bosses
  • Cobra Bosses
  • Grave Danger Bosses
  • Dream Court Bosses
  • Falcon Bosses
  • Library Quest Bosses
  • Were Bosses
  • New Warzones Bosses
  • Cults Of Tibia & Feyrist
  • Forgotten Knowledge
  • Heart of Destruction
  • Ferumbras Bosses
  • Oramond Bosses
  • Roshamuul Bosses
  • Old Warzones
  • Deepling Bosses
  • INQ Bosses
  • Pharaon’s

2. Downloading data changes
The download system has been changed. Downloading all data has been replaced by downloading only the data we need at the moment.
However, it is possible to download all data at once.
Go to settings and select -> download all data during start application.

Hope you like it 🙂 If you have any questions or requests do not hesitate to write!
All monsters from summer update will be added in next update 1.0.4

Best, TibiaMonsters

1.0.1 Update Notes

Hello Tibians,

Design improvments

  • Added about us page
You are able to:
Join TibiaMonsters Discord
Enter on our tibiamonsters.com website
Write direct email
Rate application on Google Play

General improvments
New worlds:

  • Xandebra
  • Pacembra


TibiaMonsters application introduction

The TibiaMonsters application allows you to check the recently killed monsters in Tibia game.
With the application you are able to check if there is a possibility to meet a specific monster.

Features and innovative solutions:
* notifications about latest update
* many monsters categories:

  • POI Bosses
  • Profitable Bosses
  • Weak Bosses
  • Oberon Bosses
  • Gold Bosses
  • Ferumbras Bosses
  • Grave Danger Bosses
  • Cobra Bosses
  • Warzones Bosses
  • Library Monsters
  • Asuras Monsters
  • Falcon Monsters
  • Dream Court Spawn
  • Skeletons Spawn
  • Carnivoras Spawn
  • Roshamuul Spawn
  • Issavi Monsters

TibiaMonsters is intended for every Tibia player.
The application is ad-free!
Currently TibiaMonsters supporting few languages:
English, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish.

Download from Google Play

If you have any idea which you would like to see in an application, feel free to share.