TibiaMonster is a free app, without ads and helping you to find your bosses. All the donations are to keep the development and improvements to the app, without financial purpose. Based on the amount donated, you can create outfit that will be displayed with your name in the donation page. Check below the outfits that you can select based on the amount Tibia Coin donated!

You can use any mount for 500 extra Tibia Coins. Donations can accumulate each donate, so you can get outfit now then upgrade later by paying the difference.

Please check all available outfits, select sort by type:

How to create your outfit to donation page?
1. Enter on:
2. Design your outfit in the outfiter
3. Select and copy link under the outfiter. Like on image below.

4. In email please include details like: your nickname, Tibia Coins amount and paste link from outfiter. My email:
5. Depending on the amount, you can create your outfit. Please check image with prices first!
6. Tibia Coins send to character name: Wiktor Antica

Donate table in application will be updated as soon as possible after confirmation.
Greatly appreciate for any tip!